Vitreo Retina Clinic

What is vitreo retina?
It is the part of our eyes behind the lens. Retina is the part on which the images of the things we see are made & relayed to the brain. It is vital for maintaining vision in our eyes. Diseases of vitreo retina can cause decreased vision & even blindness.

What are the diseases of vitreo retina?
Some of the more serious diseases of retina which can cause blindness are detachment of retina, inflammation of retina, swelling of retina, scars & spots in retina, age related retinal (macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinopathy of prematurity etc). However, if detected in time these conditions can be treated to save the vision.

Who is at risk for retinal diseases?
Some of the common risk factors for retinal diseases are high minus number called myopia, uncontrolled diabetes & blood pressure, serious injury to the eye, smoking, advancing age etc. Patients with such risk factors must get their eyes checked regularly by a retina specialist.

What is the treatment for retinal diseases?
If you are suffering from any retinal disorder, a detailed check up by a trained retina expert is a must to decide the treatment. Different options available are laser treatment, intra-vitreal injections & retinal surgery.