Uvea Clinic

What is uvea?
Uvea is a layer of tissue in the eye that runs between the outer most white of the eye & the inner most retina.

What are the diseases of the uvea?
In certain conditions of uvea, this layer becomes inflamed and swollen, and affects the functioning of rest of the eye such as uveitis, choroiditis, iritis. Such conditions can be as a result of infection, injury or inflammation.

How do I know if I am suffering from any disease of the uvea?
Common uveal diseases cause symptoms such as redness and pain in the eye, decreased vision or distortions. A timely diagnosis is the key to avoid sight threatening complications.

Can the uveal diseases be treated?
Most of these conditions need treatment and time is the key. An early detection can mean much less complications and vision loss. To know more talk to the eye doctor today.