Oculoplasty & Aesthetic Clinic

What is oculoplasty & aesthetics?
It is a branch of eye medicine that deals with the corrective procedures of the eyelids & the tissues around the eyes, and their beautification.

What are the common conditions seen in oculoplasty clinic?
A few of the common conditions treated at Rana Eye Centre are watering and discharge due to dacryocystitis (nasoor), punctal stenosis, canalicular block, congenital nld block; conditions of the eyelid-ptosis, ectropion, entropion, lid retraction, tumour of the lids; orbital tumours, fracture repair, inflammation, proptosis etc.

What are the common conditions seen in aesthetics clinic?
Aesthetic clinic at Rana Eye Centre provides for the treatment of under eye bags & dark circles, upper lid skin folds, brow ptosis, wrinkles and creases around the eyes like glabellar lines, forehead lines, crow lines; cholesterol deposits on the eyelid skin, eyelid skin tags & moles. Filler injections, botox injections and plastic surgery can be done, the choice of procedure for which is decided after a detailed evaluation by a trained doctor.

Who should get aesthetic treatment for eye?
Any person in need of augmentation or correction of eye features like wrinkles, lines, lid distortions, scars etc. must get a detailed evaluation done.