MICS (Microincision Cataract Surgery)

What is cataract?
It is the white opacification of the clear natural lens in the eye, which causes decreased vision in old age. It is the leading cause of blindness in the world. However, with modern medical management it is easily treatable with surgery.

What is MICS?
Micro-incision-cataract-surgery, MICS in short is an advanced technique of Phaco surgery for cataract removal from the patient’s eye. It is done from an incision as small as 1.8 mm with minimal effect on the normal tissues of the eye. Most of the cases are done without any injection, under topical anaesthesia and without any stitches. An artificial foldable lens is implanted to replace the natural cataractous lens. The advantages of this technique are patient comfort, faster recovery time and clear vision.

Who should undergo cataract surgery?
Anybody suffering from decreased vision due to cataract is a suitable candidate. Also, the degree of cataract & overall health of the eye is the deciding factor in the choice of timing and technique of the surgery. A detailed evaluation by the eye doctor is a must before deciding.

What is the best season/weather for cataract surgery?
Modern technique of cataract surgery has made it possible for patients to undergo surgery all around the year without the fear of delayed recovery or complications. Anytime suitable to the patient, irrespective of the season, is a good time.